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Aid our clients in establishing sound IT foundations and develop strategic methodologies they can use to enable their lines of business

Strategic IT Services

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IT Strategies Group (ITSG), aids our clients in technology planning and execution through methodologies that ensure solutions align to business needs.  Done with a focus on practical and actionable strategies that provide the necessary agility to adapt to changing business needs.  ITSG will provide the skill and knowledge transfer necessary to ensure full realization of the transformation is achieved.


These services are provided via:

  • Enterprise Architecture as a Service (EAaaS)-  ITSG is contracted to provide all EA activities as part of a comprehensive outsourced program
  • Enterprise Architecture Engagements- ITSG will provide an in-depth analysis of an existing EA program and offer recommendations for improvement or to implement a full EA program where none existed prior
  • Infrastructure Architecture- ITSG will engage to analyze your company's infrastructure (Networking, Server, Storage, Virtual or any subset)) and help you optimize your data center and operations.
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup- ITSG, has worked with Fortune 500 companies to optimize their Disaster Recovery and Backup practice and ensure they are aligned with their business needs.  We are ready to bring that experience to play for your enterprise


Strategic Services

  • Strategy Development
  • Current State Definition
  • Future State Definition
  • IT Rationalization and Gap Analysis
  • IT Roadmap(s)
  • Disruptive and Enabling Technology Research
  • IT Project Prioritization


Client Realized Benefits

  • A more agile IT environment
  • A stronger partnership with the business
  • Higher level of quality and less rework
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Greater value to business through focus on truly impacting

Cloud Computing Services

ITSG has extensive experience with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).  We can provide clarity for our clients on how to achieve business value from the cloud yet minimize the risks to their organizations data and reputation.


Cloud Computing Services

  • Application Readiness Assessments
  • SaaS Evaluation and Migration
  • Hybrid Computing and Disaster Recovery
  • IaaS Deployment


Client Realized Benefits

  • Informed cloud decision making
  • Transparent and successful cloud migrations
  • Full realization of benefits afforded by the cloud without increasing risk to the business or complexity to IT
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Contract Negotiation Services

ITSG has negotiated in excess of $200,000,000 in hardware and software purchases.  The team's methodology is proven to maximize our clients savings, not only at the initial capital expenditure, but through the entire life cycle of the solution / asset.


Contract Negotiation Services

  • Manage Vendor Selection (RFP process) and Purchase (Negotiations)
  • Final Negotiations After Client Completes a Pass
  • Provide Vendor Selection and Negotiation Guidance to Client


Client Realized Benefits

  • Greater savings on technology purchases
  • Transparent and defensible vendor selections
  • Clearer understanding of the total cost of ownership for a given solution or technology (TCO)
  • Methodology for measuring and accounting for incumbent advantage

Mediation Services

Have you ever wondered if you are getting quoted the product you need or the product the reseller sells?  ITSG does not resell hardware or software, this is a strategic decision for our firm because we ALWAYS want to be free to recommend the right solution / technology for our clients.  This philosophy allows us to be be impartial mediators when you are looking for products / services and are getting conflicting information or when you have products and / or services in place and there are issues and finger pointing has begun.


Mediation Services

  • Impartial third party remediation of service conflicts between two or more established vendors
  • Impartial third party assessment of vendor proposals


Client Realized Benefits

  • Faster time to resolution of operational issues involving two or more vendors / products
  • Informed decision making when separating the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) vendors are throwing each other from fact
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